1972 Bs As, Argentina/ Strasbourg, France

I left Buenos Aires at the age of 22, in order to see the world and discover who I was without the frame of the society where I grew up. Before leaving, I’d studied Fashion and Textile Design at the University of Architecture and spent my little free time as an apprenticeship in the Contemporary Jewellery Atelier of Jorge Castañon. Those days I was able to sit about 15 hours a day and materialize objects. They were fascinating and exciting years of experimental research and the creation of a new field that did not yet exist in Buenos Aires. Creating objects that were transgresive and demanding a new definition for what was possible inside the field. Leaving Buenos Aires and living a nomadic artistic life for the next 8 years, I continued my research about Contemporary Jewellery and more and more started bridging my two passions: arts & dance. With the discovery of CI in 97 I’ve felt totally home; CI was based on similar principles in which I was already living my life. By 2003, before landing in Strasbourg to put my self back into Art School, to keep questioning and researching about art, I’ve crossed 4 continents. I’ve taken every opportunity to study, explore and investigate the moving body in jams, workshops, trainings, Art Schools, labs, performances, festivals, in India, Cuba, Mexico, USA, Europe and South America. To name few, Dance Festival Habana, La Marató de l’Espectacle and Festival Mac Barcelona, Dance Concert Perez Cellis Foundation Bs As. The transition from sitting for 15h to dancing for 15h, was starting to take place. Since 2003, I’m a member of the dance theater Co. Dégadézo, I’ve been teaching at Pôle Sud Theater, Choreographic Center, TNS National Theater and CIRA in Strasbourg. Co-created «Cabine d’essayage», a dance lecture in the frame of the residency of the Co. Dégadézo at Atelier du Rhin, Manufacture Theater of Colmar, and co-created «Parlez moi d’amour» in the frame of the residency at La Friche Laiterie, Strasbourg. In collaboration with Alice Godfroy, co-conceived a Dance Conference about CI co-created in collaboration with Co. Dégadézo and the support of the Conservatory City of Music and Dance and the Choreographic Center of Strasbourg. Co-created with the visual artist Sebastién Perruche, a cross-disciplinary project for the art practices and their exchange called “Zone Franche”, a project supported by Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs Strasbourg. The project ran in 2004 and 2005. The collaboration with Ecki started in 2004, when we realized that it was possible for us to share a life and a practice together. Since then we have collaborated in many projects. From 2006 on, dance took most of the time and space in my life. My artwork changed, un-materialized, I’ve stopped relating to the construction of the concrete outside world, the world of objects, and shifted all my attention to being in the world, the body as the direct medium for creation, communication and relationship. This pathway led me to keep doing art as I teach, perform, write and conceive an event or a project. Years of contemporary jewellery making, objects, textile and fashion studies, video creation, installations, performances, and the different artistic aspects of «the body» informed my physical practice and intellectual research, questioning the idea of «the human being separated form the world».

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