In Collaboration with Co. Degadezo

Every year we run a series of workshops and labs on the Research of Improvisational Dance, developed in the frame of Co. Dégadézo’s work since 2010, offered by members of the company. Classes and workshops are delivered through experimental and ludic scores, accessible to all without pre-requisites, and especially for those curious to confront their own physicality, imagination and its unsuspected pathways.

Imaginary transcription of movement

Antje Schur & Daniela Schwartz

What is described when the gesture of drawing and the vital energy of the dancer meet? To move is to draw? A drawing, can it make you dance? The echo that our movements provoke in us, does it arouse a trace?
Can we make visible the intuition that the body has of its surrounding space?

Making visible the invisible

Alice Godfroy & Daniela Schwartz

Is it possible to make our body’s intuition of the surrounding space visible?
Conversely, can the space shape the movement of our intuitions? How to use our imagination while observing the filters that we impose on the world, and the strategies we implement responding to a situation?
Are we in a position, from this observation work, to change our patterns of perception, composition, and action, whilst understanding those in others?
This course is open to all and approaches the question of the body’s intuition in movement inside experimental structures and scores.

Wild Scape

Alice Godfroy &Daniela Schwartz

We invite you to detect the indomitable that remains in our body and to follow the trace of this animal present in every gesture. How do we let this animality emerge through movement, in its unpredictability and its innocence? What detours can we borrow to make it enter into our playground and to ensure that it feel confident?