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We’ve had years of personal research in the field of Improvisation, each of us having the opportunity to collaborate and perform vastly with many different collectives, artists and companies:- being curious about physical and mental consciousness in the present moment as a tool to make every decision visible, being interested in the relationship with the environment, with its sparks of the here and now and our passion for the trans-disciplinarity in the arts, we’ve developed a wide field of work bringing our diverse experiences into our common research on Improvisation.

Keeping our ongoing enquiry on Improvisation in the field of dance allows our focus to move and us to work on different areas: instant composition, creation of moving images, qualities of presence and movement, sensory system, perceptive system, imagination, instinct, intuition, ensemble thinking, decision making, seeing, performance…

All these interests shape our work, a mix of: contact improvisation, improvisation, presence and performance work, music & dance investigations, video & dance research, relational site specific work, objects & nature, and the individual practices that each of us bring to the studio.

EmComTato Festival Salvador Brazil, April 2012