Workshops / 4 May, 2014



We offer a movement training, inspired by Laban/Bartenieff movement fundamentals as well as David Zambrano’s flying low technique, as a tool to organize our body in a more efficient and economical way. We explore the center-periphery connection (starfish) as a key principle to connect and separate the limbs from the center, the right from the left side and/or the diagonals.

Through the action of releasing and activating, reaching and folding, spiraling, etc, we develop different movement patterns, that help us to let go from old and non efficient ones to find ease and flow in our own pathways along the floor and through the different levels. Moving with a more clear understanding of our center, being ready to connect to our partner’s body and fully commit to the dance, while we stay centered and grounded, as we enter our spherical space.

We work with light touch with the idea of keeping the weight on our own feet or project it into the space, as well as sharing the full weight to become aware of the wide range of possibilities.

Through respectful listening and body actions like scanning, sensing, reading, informing, leaning, proposing direction, following the flow, accepting, resisting, balancing, off-balancing, counter-balancing, etc, we engage ourselves in an open physical dialogue.

Understanding and integrating some of the principles, we will find more trust and freedom in our own body, own movements and in the communication with our partner.

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