Workshops / 7 May, 2014



This workshop focuses on the permeability of the bodies in a physical dialogue. The key for the work lays on the action of taking time and giving attention to the receiving and the delivery of information to become conscious of the communication that is happening in each dance, in relationship to the environment, the group, a partner and yourself.

Following the pathways of touch, weight and movement impulses, from the surface through the different layers to the deeper structure and from the inner body towards the point of touch, we develop the ability to track the flow of information as the process continues to take place.

Aiming to look for distinguishing the diffuse and the specific in the dialogue between noticing and praying attention, we create a frame to bring to consciousness the choices we make and possibilities they determine. We provoke a deep state of listening, questioning the communication in the dance and focusing the attentional mode on the multiplicity we are in action.

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