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Dance Conference

In the framework of teaching our personal perspectives of “What is CI?”, we have been invited to give lecture demonstrations, structure dance conferences and present talks for professional dancers as well as the curious mover.Aiming to share our practice in its artistic, social and political dimensions, we usually present a diverse mix of video materials, moving and talking performative structures, and an introduction to the historical and contextual global emergence of Contact Improvisation as a form.

To make this more accessible and concrete for our audience we structure a participatory performance where verbalized text, visual material and dance are in dialogue.

We’ve given dance conferences in various CI Festivals, Universities and Institutions:

Conservatory, City of dance & music Strasbourg France, 2012

Dance & Tendencies Festival Concepcion Chile, 2009

University of the Americas Santiago de Chile, 2009

Metropolitan University of Education Sciences Santiago de Chile, 2008

DEAC-MUSAC Museum for Contemporary Art Leon Spain, 2007

Goethe Institut Porto Alegre Brazil, 2007

Strasbourg, France. November 2012.

Conception: Alice Godfroy and Daniela Schwartz.
Creation: in collaboration with Co. Dégadézo.
Performers: Antje Schur, Regine Westenhoeffer, Alice Godfoy, Eckhard Müller and Daniela Schwartz.
Music: Xavier Fassion.
Duration: 1:15 min. Video extract 5 min.
Supported by Choreographic Center Strasbourg and the Conservatory of Strasbourg, City of dance & music.
More info: www.degadezo.com/conference-dansee

Leon, Spain. October 2007.

Performers: Daniela Schwartz and Eckhard Müller
Duration: 1h. Video extract 9 min
Supported by DEAC-MUSAC Museum of Contemporary Art and University of Sports, Leon Spain