Daniela Schwartz – Eckhard Müller

We met in 2000 and since then our practices rub and merge as we collaborate.
The dream of sharing our life experiences and dance practices has become our lifestyle reality.

Since 2004 we travel the world to communicate our vision, practice and performance of Contact Improvisation and Improvisation, moving together across Europe and the Americas to offer CI Intensive Workshops and developing projects based on Improvisation.

Through collaboration, our interests continuously influence each other, creating diverse and surprising pathways. We share the passion and curiosity of moving into the unknown, the spontaneity of real time and the investigation of the body’s wisdom. Dani’s interest is in the details and the capacity of attention and imagination. Ecki’s fascination is with physicality and its limits. Together, this plunges them into researching perceptual and sensorial explorations, rediscovering possible dialogues through the dance.

We continuously nurture our common work through solo teaching and collaboration with others. We are both part of the contactfestival freiburg organization team in Germany www.contactfestival.de and members of Co. Dégadézo, France www.degadezo.com

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born 1962 in a little village s/w of, Germany, living in Freiburg and Strasbourg

I’ve always liked movement, acrobatics and physical practices, I’ve never liked couple dances, but I enjoyed “free dancing” in parties and discos. I was born and grew up in a small village without any contemporary artistic culture until I saw one day the world of the contemporary dance on the stage in Freiburg, Germany. It made me try out CI in a studio in 88’. This was a revelation that flipped my life upside down. Gradually, from being a social worker, I became a dancer, performer and a teacher, traveling throughout the world to share my experience. I teach CI regularly since 1994. My work was first influenced by the very physical playing with my five brothers, then by gymnastic and acrobatic practices, and later Laban-Bartenieff-Fundamentals, Release Technique, Flying Low material of David Zambrano, the Improvisation work of Julyen Hamilton and in CI by Bernd Ka, Alito Alessi, Nancy Stark Smith among many others…lately I practice yoga.

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1972 Bs As, Argentina/Strasbourg, France

I’m a nomad artist, a restless traveler, passionate about cultures and languages.
I grew up in Buenos Aires and had crossed four continents before landing in Strasbourg in 2003, where I stayed after graduating in Fine Arts at Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs Strasbourg. Years of contemporary jewellery making, objects, textile and fashion studies, video creation, installations, performances and the different artistic aspects of «the bodymind» inform my physical practice and intellectual research. Since the age of six I’ve been dancing and since 1998 I became a Performer, Improviser and Teacher of CI and Improvisation. My practice was influenced by ballet in the ‘70, the gym in the ‘80 and from the ‘90 on by CI, experiential anatomy, authentic movement, yoga, action theater, BMC and the work of Danny Lepkoff, Lisa Nelson, Joao Fiadeiro and Jurij Konjar.

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