SKIN Rosario was realized with the support of the Secretary of Culture and Gabriela Morales Studio, in collaboration with CEC Center for Contemporary Expressions and Festival El Cruce in Rosario, Argentina on 18.02.07.

Tools Ws took place during 2 full days (12h).
We shared the space with an audience of 250 people. The 40 artists that joined the project came from different provinces of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Brazil.

Concept and realization
Eckhard Müller + Daniela Schwartz

Carola Rondinella, Carolina Garralda, Carolina Iglesias, Eva Yufra, Gabriela Morales, Irina Garbatzky, Ivan Baucia, Ivan Sanchez, Julia Gracia, Julieta Ferraro, Julieta Ganum, Macarena Cifuentes, Maria Belén Wegelin, María Laura Citta, Maria Laura Vila, Maria Paz, Mariana Marchesano, Mariela Moreno, Mi Chan Tchung, Olivia E. Vallejos Montalvan, Ornela Sabbatini, Pablo Muñoz, Paola Belfiore, Paula Fernández, Paula Valdés Cozzi, Rocio Rivera Marchevsky, Romina Rozas, Rut Pellerano, Sandra Herrador, Silvina Koss, Viki Tuttolomondo, Viviana Daniela Vale, Wendy Gilt, Daniela Schwartz and Eckhard Müller.

Carla Schillagi, Julieta Boccardo, Leticia Santa Cruz

Luciano Giambastiani, Silvina Gandini, Walter Zaboiski.

Tools Workshop by Leticia Santa Cruz

SKIN Performance by Leticia Santa Cruz

Artist’s testimonials

“I just want to say thanks for the “formidable”experience. Last Sunday I felt something really amazing; many people who didn´t know each other, found themselves sharing the same space, and speaking through theirs bodies by the support of a “non-verbal”communication. Time completely disappeared, being replaced by a new concept of time, by a new concept of sound. I found myself dancing, playing, speaking and specially, building the same language with people of different ages and different interests. You two are an amazing creating and self giving couple! I hope you keep on working like this.Thanks for the New sensations!!”


“Dear Daniela and Eckhard, i am just writing to thank you very much for the experience that we live together on the Sunday performance, as well as the preceding days. Until yesterday it lasted the feeling of what happened that night, images, emotions,contact with the public, their reaction … everything for the blossoming of the skin. Thank you for the opportunity and mainly of your warmth! Hopefully we can continue to have many of these enriching experiences for all, there is a long way to go.”


“It has taken me my time to process everything lived, also i think i’m going to continue processing more for a long time … I have already told in person what the experience was, that i hope to be able to zoom in on some points here with more sensations of what had happened, this experience really has changed me substantially in relation to the sound, I dare to say a before and an after …I have devoted a lot of time on music research on the line of John Cage, it was very crazy to discover that his pursuit of silence was transferred to my body to perform the music, in a word, what i studied for years I took it into practice inside your concept, and I was surprised to think that for the first time, i felt a his true disciple. As I told you I felt authentic in on all actions and moments and that I was enjoying the reading of the bodies and the space as a giant musical score that was communicating with the people who were there. I felt you arrived to transmit us your concept and your daring.”