Tools for communication and interaction in the present

Improvisation / Composition / Imagination

Unfolding a territory for research, creation and cooperation as fertile ground for generating a reflection on dance making, the artists build a space of encounter and construction of reality, taking a new perspective on the dancing body from an individual and a collective experience.

The Tools cultivate different modes of attention within the perceptual/sensorial/visual/kinesthetic mind-body to be shared in a compositional space as co-creation in real time takes place revealing a diversity of relationships and allowing a close study of the senses and their role in the organization of our body.

Some questions:
How to create a context where dances can emerge, expand and dialogue?
How to reach an attentional state of readiness and full presence while embracing the unknown and accessing the conditions and its possibilities? How to keep noticing and opening doors not by planning, but by letting it happen?

The proposal:
To immerse into an isolated attention.
To absorb and to deliver through a permeable body.
To shift into inclusive attention.
To practice observation, of our own and of others, in a small scale and on a larger scale, in stillness and in motion.
To craft listening, awareness and relationship.
To allow change while riding the unknown.
To revitalize the relationship to the different senses.
To practice watching and being watched.
To nourish the improvisation engaging the kinesthetic responses to memories, thoughts and imagination.
To access a fully embodied physical communication, strengthen and develop your dance practice.