SKIN Kiev was realized with the support of City Freiburg im Bresgau, Goethe Institut and Polish Insitut in collaboration with Association „Contemporary Dance Platform“and the Zelyonka Festival for Contemporary Dance at Port Creative Hub and Artprichal, in Kiev Ukraine on 08.-09.04.17.

Tools was realized with the support of City Freiburg im Bresgau, Goethe Institut and Polish Insitut in collaboration with Association „Contemporary Dance Platform“and the Zelyonka Festival for Contemporary Dance at Port Creative Hub and Artprichal, in Kiev Ukraine on 08.-09.04.17.

Concept and realization
Eckhard Müller & Daniela Schwartz.

Antonina Yasinska, Christina Slobodyanyuk, Daria Veronina, Elena Mits, Inna Falkova, Iryna Biloborodova, Maria Mazyra, Marichka Salo, Maxim Omelchenko, Natalia Pienkina, Olga Keba, Sasha Kozin, Tamara Maksymenko, Tamara Timchenko Yulia Skyba, Yulia Vil, Daniela Schwartz and Eckhard Müller.

Patryk Zakrocki, conductor & musician from Warsaw Poland, and Sergiy Vilka, Dmytro Khoroshun and Denis Karachavtsev from Sed Contra Ensemble.

Eugene Titov & Olha Holoborodko.

Tools Workshop Photos

Skin Performance I Photos by Anton Ovchinnikov

SKIN Performance I by Olga Holoborodko

Skin Performance at Port Creative Hub by Eugene Titov

Artist’s testimonials


I realize when I started the performances that I had an idea and desire to make it “good”. “Good” meant to me to balance action and stillness, use all the space, use different levels, have synchrony once in a while – etc., a number of criteria.

After the performances – I realized that it was impossible to do it “well” – with the spectators and improvisation.
Because the most precious moments of the performance for me were not “Tools”, but – the joy of meeting others, inviting others, watching and dancing with them.
Creating an open space where we can be together and where everything can happen. An open space, for choice making for performers and for the audience.

Will I dance if I don’t know if it’s okay to dance here? Will I watch? Will I follow my instincts or my thoughts? It’s an experiment and an experience.

I remember sitting in the middle of it all on Sunday and watching my friends having a beautiful moment of contact duet and thinking – well, that’s what it was all about, the 5 days of workshop – working to see the others dance))

be truthful
be afraid
take your time
be open
be at a loss
be bored
be inspired
be amazed
be together
open a space where something can happen
take the risk

Dear Dani &Ecki, thanks for the way you led us all these days. I remember:
–          share the brightest moments
–          “just breathe, Ecki”
–          don’t tell what you think, tell what happened
–          I’d rather risk it than not dare
–          if nobody’s watching you, you can dance for the space
–          let your feet surprise you


The second and the third days of workshop were the most impressive to me.

It was like finding magic in everyday life – noticing it was there all the time. Noticing we can really sense the space and others through the skin without touching and see without looking. Wonderful moments of synchrony and truth.

Still, I tend to forget that tools are only tools and not the rules. And my wish for myself in future is to have more fun and to be more truthful.


Many-many-many-many thanks to everyone – those I knew before and those I met for the first time. I learned something from everyone. I’m very grateful you were by my side during the project. I appreciate that. Thanks for dancing, talking, touching, laughing, improvising, sharing – everything.

And huge thanks to Anton for making all this possible.

on teaching
One of the most intense things which I would like to name, cause it has changed something in me – is the way you teach, it is not teaching – it is sharing! And there is a huge difference for me in this two ways.

I enjoyed so much the allowance for two opposite opinions to exist peacefully in one space!
It is great! If everybody could allow the other opinion just be, we would have much fewer conflicts on the planet.
Thank you for this incredible experience!

on sound/music
Every day I felt more and more like instead of blood I have music running through my veins.
Getting in touch, literally, with musicians and instruments had an immense influence on my body and movement perception.

on dance
heaviness, playfulness, readiness, boredom, fight, lightness.

on colleagues
closeness, happiness, becoming, seeing, support, magic

It’s been quite a while since our project done. But I did not forget about your request.
What I would like to say about. First of all, I want to thank you for sharing with us your knowledge, feelings, perception of the world. You ask to describe the experience of that happened to each of us.

First of all, I enjoyed every day, spent in the dance in the company with interesting, open, bright people.
As for our work, on the first Performance, I felt the light. I do not know what influenced the fact that inside me there was this lightness and the light filled me. People, space, light from windows, the color of walls, and sounds. Everything together. I remember exactly when I experienced the joy of when people around me started dancing, moving exactly as they wanted at that moment and at that moment the border between the spectator and the performer was blurring, and for us, as initiators of the action, was no longer important to be seen by others. Just like in a forest, it’s not important for a flower to be seen by a tree, or a bird, but all together they create this one beautiful space, just existing in the moment.

The second Performance was harder. More space, very dark and voluminous. This space always tried to disconnect us. The more space, the further we become from each other. And all the time that we were there, I wanted to get closer, and all the strength I threw to create this unity. But every time, except for the beginning, when we did not give enough will to the viewer, the space won. And it was an interesting experience.

Thank you again for this project, for this communication. It is important and necessary for each of us. It’s always great to be crazy, easy, open. 🙂