A transdisciplinary space for improvisation

Project developed in the frame of HEAR, EMDS Ecole Supérieure de Arts Décoratifs Strasbourg, run during 2004 & 2005.

A cognitive and perceptive research of the body in situ

Daniela Schwartz & Sebastién Perruche

We facilitate a single real space that has the power to juxtapose several spaces, locations which are in of themselves compatible (our specificities, our workshops or our classrooms, our languages, our lives, our universes)

A place open to the outside, to meet people with other formations (theater, movers, dancers, performers, professional or amateur, students, specialists, etc.) A place of passage, which will prioritize making contact in situ. The capacity of appropriation and expropriation is tested continuously.

The objective is to create a Free Zone of exchanges and experiments.
Free Zone, because this is not a place in school, but a space that thwarts our school environment. Free Zone, because the static position of the seat opens toward a multiple point of view, offering an attitude of travel. Free Zone, because it delocalizes the “making” of logical conceptions or mental projections to the domain of sensation and perception, the field of living arts and real time.