Workshops / 3 February, 2019


If we allow ourselves to fall into motion, and let the space and it’s tri-dimensionality support us. If the fall is unavoidable, caused by the gravitational relationship and it happens in the whole of the body as in each of its parts and their multiplicity. If we allow ourselves to feel and be permeable to the forces of the present in play. Which dances will be initiated by us from these relations? Can we fall into the verticality, the horizontality, the curves, the spherical? Fall into the multi-directionnality? Re-direct the fall? Fall into the disorientation? Observe and modify its duration? Fall into the suspension?

This Workshop proposes to explore the body itself in its inseparable relationship with the environment – ground, space, forces, other body – and to think of the dance as a fall/rest/movement/suspension.

Open to those that feel interested and ready to embody this proposition.

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