Teaching CI & Improvisation

Investigating and teaching through many years, we have developed a big luggage of material, scores and frames to facilitate the access, and deepen, the practice of CI and Improvisation.

As teachers, we complement each other very well. We passionately generate a space where polarity and diversity can be held with our own histories informing this practice: male and female, Ecki from a very small village, Dani from the big city of Buenos Aires, Ecki’s more social soul, Dani’s artistic drive…

By celebrating our different meeting points as teachers and students, and continuing to learn throughout our teaching, we support the space of each individuals’ development: to find their own truth and understanding of what each person’s practice is, or wants to become.

We teach regular classes, weekend, week long or even longer workshops. Their length can vary. We offer our classes in English, Spanish, French and German.

The workshops are addressed to students and professionals from the fields of dance, education, health and artists in general with all levels of experience. Classes are of particular interest to students and teachers of physical education, dance and body expression.

/ We’ve been invited to teach CI and Improvisation
at the following Universities:

UNA University of Arts Buenos Aires, 2018, 2015
University of Strasbourg, 2015
MA of Contemporary Dance University of Murcia Spain, 2011
University Madison USA, 2011
Oberlin College USA, 2011
Luther College USA, 2009
Columbia College USA, 2009
University of Arts Cordoba Argentina, 2009
University of the Americas Santiago de Chile, 2009
University of the Arts Santiago de Chile, 2008
University of Dance and Sports Leon Spain, 2008
University of Arts Kiev Ukraine, 2004

/ Studios In

Madrid, Barcelone, Malaga, Seville, Vitoria, Leon, Murcia, Garganta de la Olla, Salamanca, Mataelpino, Thessaloniki, Athens, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Dresden, Freiburg, Cologne, Mainz, Stuttgart, Constance, Wendland, Stolzenhagen, Warsaw, Lodz, Wroclaw, Poznan, Vilnius, St Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, London, Bristol, Paris, Strasbourg, Metz, Marseille, Grenoble, Montpellier, Toulousse, Geneve, Florence, Milan, Ljubljana, Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Cordoba, Rosario, Rio Negro, Necochea, Santiago de Chile, Valparaiso, Concepcion, Quito, Montevideo, Porto Alegre, San Pablo, Rio de Janeiro, Tel Aviv, Bethlehem, New York, Northampton, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Boulder, Mazomanie…

/ Dance Festivals, Intensive CI Workshops

CI Meeting Barcelona Spain, 2018, 2014
CI Festival Austria, 2017
CI Festival NordTanz Hamburg Germany, 2016
CI Karpatos Festival Ukraine, 2016
CI Festival Circulations Wroclaw Poland, 2016
CI Festival Asturias Spain, 2015
CI Festival Madrid Spain, 2015
CI Festival Warsaw Poland, 2015, 2012
CI Festival Ibiza Spain, 2013, 2009
CI Festival Arezzo Italy, 2013
Oster Impro Festival Goettingen Germany, 2009
CI Festival Krasnoyarsk Siberia, 2013
CI Festival Salvador de Bahia Brazil, 2012
CI Festival San Pablo Brazil, 2012
CI Festival Grobina Latvia, 2012
CI Festival Grenoble France, 2012
CI Encuentro Santiago de Chile, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008
Festival Dance and Tendencies Concepcion Chile, 2011, 2009
CI Festival Moscow Russia, 2010
GIF Improvisation Festival Granada Spain, 2010, 2009
CI Festival Kiev Ukraine, 2010, 2009
CI Festival Tel Aviv Israel, 2009
CI Festival Mar del Plata Argentina, 2009, 2008
WCCIF San Francisco, 2008

/ Longer Collaborations with Museums, Theaters, Dance Programs

First edition of ISS Improvisation Summer School, School for Research on Improvisation.Scientific and artistic Comitee. Conception, organization and conductions Team : Asaf Bachrach, Romain Bigé, Marjorie Burger-Chassignet, Jean Clam, Federica Fratagnoli, Alice Godfroy, Jurij Konjar, Patricia Kuypers, Galaad Le Goaster, Mathilde Monfreux, Daniela Schwartz.
Co-pilot 1st edition : Romain Bigé & Alice Godfroy. Initiator and leader of the project : Alice Godfroy. Partners: The Improvisation Summer School is a project of University Côte d’Azur (IDEX UCAJEDI, IDEX Académie 5, EUR CREATES). Hold by the Trans-disciplinary Center of Literature Epistemology and the live arts (CTEL EA6307), in close partnership with Villa Arson – National School of Art, Nice France. 2018
Choreographic Center Strasbourg France, now-2008
CIRA Strasbourg France, 2014, 2010, 2009, 2008
Pôle Sud Theater Strasbourg France, 2013-2004
TNS National Theater Strasbourg France, 2010-2008
MUSAC Leon Spain, 2010-2008

Improvisation & Performance Projects

We both bring our background and experience inside the field of Improvisation, “Instant Composition” and performance work into our collaborations. We continue deepening our research with others (Dégadézo, Langues Des Boeufs) and performing in the frame of CI events.

We co-created and developed the “SKIN PROJECT” Interactive Performance, an interdisciplinary concept for dancers, musicians and video artists. Realized in Freiburg ’06, Moscow ‘06, Rosario ‘07, Strasbourg ‘07, Montevideo ’08, Zurich ‘08, Warsaw ‘10, Valparaiso ‘11 and Kiev’17. The concept offers elements of Contact Improvisation and Instant Composition within a clear and simple structure to interact with the audience. The “SKIN PROJECT” has been presented with the support of the State Theater Freiburg, Germany, the Moscow Contact Improvisation Festival, the Secretary of Culture in Rosario Argentina, La Friche Laiterie, Strasbourg, the Secretary of Culture in Montevideo Uruguay, the Gessnerallee in Zurich Switzerland, Revisions Festival in Warsaw Poland, the Secretary of Culture Valparaiso Chile, Escenalborde Chile and Zelyonka Festival in Kiev Ukraine, Goethe Institut, Polish Institut and Freiburg Culture.

Dance Conferences about CI

Conservatory Strasbourg France, 2012
Concepcion Chile, 2011, 2009
Santiago de Chile, 2010, 2008
MUSAC Leon Spain, 2009
Goethe Institut Porto Alegre Brazil, 2007

Dance Performances and Interventions

Intervention of Daniela Schwartz for the Exhibition Steve Paxton Drafting Interior Techniques, curated by Joao Fiadeiro & Romain Bigé at Azkunoa Zentroa. Production of a Sound object “The Small Dance” Bilbao Spain, 2020
Intervention of Daniela Schwartz for the Exhibition The knife without blade au CRAC Alsace. 24h de Danse, proposition de Meris Angioletti Altkirch France, 2019
Intervention of Eckhard Müller at Artilingo project a collaboration of the University of the Arts and the Universtiy of Languages Strasbourg France, 2018
Dance epidemic Strasbourg France, a collaboration between Mark Tompkins, Co. Dégadézo, Pole Sud and The Museum of the City of Strasbourg, 2018
Intervention of Daniela Schwartz for the Exhibition Gestures of Contact Improvisation curated by Romain Bigé. Round table and production of “The Small Dance” sound object for the Dance Museum Rennes France, 2018

Organization and membership

We are both part of the international contactfestival freiburg organization team, the very first CI festival in Europe www.contactfestival.de,

Through the years we have supported emerging communities and festivals, coaching or/and co-curating. CI Festival Ibiza, Encuentro CI Festival Sgo de Chile, CI Festival Arezzo and others.

We are members of Co. Dégadézo, Strasbourg, France www.degadezo.com, a company that produces contemporary Dance Theatre pieces and teaches CI, Improvisation and Research in different institutions.

We are also members of “Langues des Boeuf Collective”, Strasbourg France
A multidisciplinary research group of improvisers: visual artists, actors, storytellers, dancers, musicians, who are interested in cross-disciplinary artistic practices and their exchange.

We were Satellite Events co-curators at CI36, the 36th anniversary event for CI in Juniata College USA 2008. CI36 connecting more than 100 celebrating events worldwide to the main event in the US.

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